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Longarm Quilting is NOT for me!

Longarm quilting is only for professionals or those entering competitions. My quilt isn't good enough to be longarmed. You should only longarm a quilt if you've tried to quilt it yourself first, otherwise you're not a 'proper quilter/quilter maker'. Sound familiar?

First of all the definition of Quilting/Quilter is 'the work of making a quilt' so even if all you did was sew a charm pack (pre-cut squares) together in rows and then sent your three layers to me to be longarm quilted - you are still a quilter!

Secondly let me say, any quilt top that you have lovingly pieced and taken the time to make is absolutely worthy of being longarmed, maybe I'm biased but if you've never tried it before I think you should - you'll love it! And here's why:

  • it saves you time, frustration, back ache, neck pain, arm ache, your sanity and your contributions to the swear jar because I've got all the necessary space to make quilting a painless process.

  • people often say they only make quilts for themselves because their makes aren't good enough to give to others or to be longarmed - you couldn't be more wrong! There are people out there looking at what you've done wishing they could do the same and I'll let you in on a little secret - the Quilt Police are a myth! There is nobody out there going to fine you if your points don't match or your seams aren't a perfect quarter inch.

  • people think they have to have at least three or four quilts under their belt before they can or should send a quilt to be longarmed. Why? When it's quilted, bound and being snuggled under who really cares, or would even know whether it's your first or your tenth? Several of the quilts customers have sent to me over the years have been their very first quilt - what an honour!

  • lets be honest, basting is the devil so by sending your quilt to me for longarming you're saving yourself that hassle because the top, wadding and backing are sent as separate layers. You're also saving time and energy that can be used to make more quilts!

  • it's more affordable than you might think, like with anything there are different levels of service in terms of longarm quilting and costs will vary depending on who you use. If you had a quilt that was 100" x 100" and you wanted dense custom quilting all over it, then yes that is going to be quite costly however the average quilt is considerably smaller so having it edge to edge quilted is much more affordable. I offer no obligation quotes, so you've got nothing to lose by at least asking the question

So there you have it, my list of reasons why I think having a quilt longarmed is for anyone and everyone. However wacky your ideas are or your thought process is I want to hear it, I love all forms of quilt making and can happily spend hours talking about it as well as physically doing it. You can say hi and share your ideas with me via my social media or the contact page!


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