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I can quilt just about any pantograph (digital longarm quilting pattern) that you like and actively encourage you to go down the rabbit hole and find the design of your dreams.

Pantographs are used for E2E longarm quilting and do not take into account the block structure or layout. I have quite an extensive library already which can be seen below.

The below designs are not to scale, the beauty of digital edge to edge (E2E) longarm quilting is that they can be stitched out at any size and will be scaled to best suit your quilt and your preference on density of quilting if applicable.

You can see many of these designs stitched out in the Customer Gallery as well as videos of the process on both my Instagram and Facebook page.

If you would like to use a pattern that is not in my library, I can point you in the direction of some magical places and will split the cost with you. 

Quilting Designs: Text
Quilting Designs: Pro Gallery
Quilting Designs: Pro Gallery
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