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Making The Cut

When Clover launched a 'Quick Cut' thread cutter I immediately thought "is it though?" and having now tested it out for a couple months I can confirm that yes, yes it is!

Although it is small (only 3" high) it is mighty! I now have this guy permanently set up next to my machine, I do a lot of chain piecing and this cuts down the time (pun intended!) quite a lot.

Key Features:

- it's very user friendly and easy to use

- it has a standard 45mm rotary cutter blade

- written instructions and diagrams included

- cuts through anything from 40wt thread to yarn with ease

One of the best features, in my opinion is that once the section of blade you are using starts to get blunt simply turn the dial on the front to the next section (i.e. from position 1 to position 2) and carry on using it.

There are full written instructions included, with clear diagrams that show you how to change the blade when the time comes, that being said I've been using mine for a couple months now - almost daily and have only just had to move it on to a new section of blade.

I did find that it can move a little bit with continuous use when cutting apart large volumes of chain piecing, despite having a non-slip base, but a small amount of tape underneath helped combat this.

From doing a small amount of market research I've found them to be readily available from a variety of stockists but that the price varies a great deal (at one place by £7!) so I'd definitely look around for a good deal before buying one - but I definitely recommend buying one, it's the thing you never knew you needed!

There is a built in protective cover for the blade and like many of Clover's products this one also comes in plastic free packaging, so good for the environment and your fingers! It's compact size makes it great for taking to classes or retreats, mine actually fits in the back storage compartment of my machine, but would equally fit in any of my sewing cases with ease.

Have you got a go to gadget that you can't live without? I love to know what you use and why you find it so helpful - I might need it as well!

Happy Quilting

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